Invitation to the Foundations of Autism Training

This training is designed and delivered by professionals and practitioners from Teach and Serve for Africa – Ethiopian Diaspora Initiative (TASFA-EDSI) , Hope for Special Education, Inc., Debela Educational Consultancy (DEC), Reaching Families Advocacy and Support Group (RFASG), and Digital Africa.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to affect many children and families around the world. Support and services are critical at an early stage of children’s development and as they grow into adolescence and adulthood. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in the United States, “About 1 in 54 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) …” Although research shows high numbers of cases of Autism in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa, there is no data that shows the actual figure. Hence, the presentation of a paper entitled “Accepting Children on the autism Spectrum while Using Best Practices in Teaching Children with autism at School at Home” which took place at the 2019 TASFA/EDSI conference held at the African Union and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This was followed by discussions with the Ministry of Education on the necessity of special education in general and the need for incorporating special educational related policy into the national education framework.

In the last few years, experts from the above-mentioned teams have been engaged with Ethiopian counterparts to share autism awareness related experiences and propose steps needed to train educators, healthcare workers, families, and policy makers especially in the area of autism which is a prevalent but least understood issue. Before coming together to develop this historic course, Mrs Carnette Debela, Mrs. Aida Amare, Ms. Sharon Floyd, and Professor Achamyeleh Debela visited Ethiopia with their respective groups to assess the situation and discuss possible ways to enhance the national policy. This course, therefore, is the result of their assessment.

The target groups for this program are parents, community organizers, educators, healthcare workers, researchers, policymakers and faith leaders. The training will be provided from October 11 to December 12, 2020


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Module 0: Course Orientation
Module 1: Foundational Concepts of Autism
Module 2: Autism and Comorbidities
Module 3: Autism Spectrum Disorder – The Framework Part One
Module 4: Autism Spectrum Disorder – The Framework Part Two
Module 5: Placement in an Educational Setting, Social and Cultural Implications, the impact of faith and religion on autism
Module 6: Transitioning to Adult Life with ASD
Module 7: Course Summary and Reflections
Module 8: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

We look forward to a new year filled with opportunities to build a strong relationship with professionals in government, private, and other organizations.